Are you an expat living in Amsterdam on the Westelijke Eilanden? We need you for the energy transition

Amsterdam is shifting from fossil-based systems of energy production and consumption to renewable energy sources. Target year is 2040. The city council will be starting this transition in the suburbs, so we wonder when it will be our turn.


“Amsterdam aims to be a natural gas-free city by 2040. The transition to natural gas-free heating and cooking is a step towards a sustainable and climate-neutral Amsterdam.”
Policy: Phasing out natural gas Gemeente Amsterdam

Please join us now. Pay 10 euro’s and be a member of Warme Reus, Energiecoöperatie Westelijke Eilanden U.A. You can vote during our meetings, your voice will be heard and as a benefit you’ll get to know your neighbours. While you will not be obliged to obtain your energy from Warme Reus, you will of course have the option to do so once we’re up and running. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and click here for the application form – in Dutch.